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Who's in Charge

This study includes seven self-directed studies focusing on the sovereignty of God in all aspects of one’s life.  God’s call upon the believer to suffer is explained from a scriptural perspective. This is included in  Part One of the Discipleship Series but  is available separately and can be used independently of the CTO process. It also is effective in a small group setting

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Essentials of the Faith

This study includes 10 self-directed studies focusing on the foundations of salvation and the work Christ accomplished on the Cross.   Is a great study for newer believers and can be used in a small group setting as well.

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The Story of the Gospel (Intro to Part 1)

"God is on a mission to reveal Himself and that mission is accomplished, in part, through the Gospel... which involves a much bigger story than just how you are impacted personally.”  This introduction to Part 1 of the DS3 - three part discipleship series, presents the story of the gospel that includes Creation, the Fall, Redemption and Restoration.

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The Implications of the Gospel (Intro to Part 2)

Tim Keller has sumarized the implications of the Gospel in that:  "I am more sinful and flawed than I ever dared believe. I am more accepted and loved than I ever dared hope.”  This introduction to Part 2 or the DS3 - three part series, looks at the results of the fall in our thinking, behavior and relationships which are all addressed by the Gospel.  

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The God of the Gospel (Intro to Part 3)

A. W. Tozer has said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” This series of studies is designed to begin to right-size your view of God and to hlep you begin to think rightly about God and to relate to HIm on His terms.  

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God's Design for Marriage

Marriage is God’s creation and idea – not ours.  He has a specific design that is intended for our good and His glory.  The marriage relationship is to be a picture of Christ’s love for His Church.  What does that design look like?  How can a marriage reflect His purpose? This study addresses those questions and many more to help us see how to have a marriage that truly honors God. 

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The Story of the Gospel - Intro to Kingdom Centered Living
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