These studies are part of our Called to DIsciple training materials that lay a biblical foundation for discipling and address the part God plays and the part the discipler plays in the discipling process. A thorough definition of Biblical counseling is contrasted to a secular approach to counseling.

Intimate Discipleship

This study gives the biblical description of a disciple and looks at the examples of Jesus and Paul, who invested not just information but “their own selves” (1 Thess. 2:8).  The conclusion is that the best relational context for change is found in a personal intimate discipling relationship. 

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The Role of the Discipler

What is my responsibility as a discipler?  This study addresses that question as well as clearly demonstrating that it is God who causes growth in a disciple, not the discipler.  Guidelines are given in how to fulfill this role as the discipler. 

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God, The Counselor

One of the primary resources God uses in bringing change in one’s life is His Word.  Our role is to point our disciples to the Word of God and show them how it applies in their personal lives.  The Spirit of God then acts as the agent of change producing character change in the life of the obedient believer. 

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Secular vs. Biblical Counseling

This study contrasts the presuppositions behind a secular approach to counseling to a truly biblical approach.  The differences in goals, approach, qualifications of the counselor, the view of man, the source of problems and the solution to problems are all addressed.

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Secular vs Biblical Counseling Chart

This chart synthesizes the differences between a secular approach and a truly biblical approach to counseling.

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A Definition of Biblical Counseling

This one page summary sets forth the presuppositions and practices of what constitutes a model of biblical counseling.

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Fast Track for Training Leaders - Description

The "fast track" is a 12 session introduction to the CTO materials and strategy through an individual discipling experience.  The purpose of the “fast track” is to train leadership to disciple others using the CTO materials in the shortest possible time frame.  Because CTO is designed to be experientially learned, rather that taught in a class, consideration has been given to the minimum exposure and experience necessary to understand the approach thoroughly enough to effectively disciple another person. The goal is to “train the trainers” in order to multiply the number of available trained disciplers. For more information contact Randy Murphy at or 602-538-9362.

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Fast Track Assignments - Couple

This is the assignments for each session covered in the "Fast Track For Training Leaders"  for the couple  being trained.

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Fast Track Assignments - Individual

This is the assignments for each session covered in the "Fast Track For Training Leaders"  for the individual  being trained.


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Fast Track Process - Outline for Trainer

This is the outline of reading, projects and assignments to be used by the trainer in

walking someone through the Fast Track.  It includes the topics to discuss and the list of

assignments for each session.  The list of assignments to be given to the disciple are available in separate documents for training an individual or a couple.  

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