The Power of Forgiveness from Randy Murphy on

The Power of Forgiveness (49:30)
Randy Murphy
God requires reconciliation over worship. This overview of forgiveness, confession and reconciliation is foundational to living out the gospel - the forgiven must forgive. A written copy of the CTO study "Forgiving Others" is available at studies. The concepts introduced in this message are expanding into three separate messages at
Confessing Sin (34:41)
Randy Murphy
Guilt can eat you from the inside out. Christ on the cross provided everything necessary to cover your sin. This full length sermon presents the freedom that comes through confessing sin.

Reconciling Relationships (42:30)
Randy Murphy
Our relationships are very important to God. He doesn't even want our worship if we are not reconciled with others. This full length sermon address the biblical imperative to seek forgiveness from those whom we have sinned against.
Getting a True Glimpse of God (40:46)
Randy Murphy
When Isaiah got a true glimpse of God in Isaiah 6, he soon was given a true glimpse of himself. This full length sermon unpacks this passage and challenges us to a heart of surrender and service.

James 1:13-27 - Heights Church

Overcoming Temptation (46:38)
Randy Murphy
This message is part of a series in James where Randy addresses overcoming temptation when in the midst of testing or trials.

James 5:7-20- Heights Church

Facing Trials - An Overview of James (49:00)
Randy Murphy
This is the final message in a series in the book of James that gives a review and overview of how to respond in faith to the trials and testing in our lives.