Forgiving Others (45:32)
Randy Murphy
You will be sinned against by others as long as they live. This can easily turn into bitterness if not dealt with biblically. God takes forgiveness seriously - so should you! This full length sermon presents a biblical approach to forgiveness. (Accompanies Part 1 B: Forgiving Others)
Four Approaches
Randy Murphy of CTO Ministries takes us through the four ways we can approach difficult people and difficult circumstances. (Part 1: Introduction)

Root Cause of Sin: Unbelief and Pride
Randy Murphy of CTO Ministries takes us through the problem of unbelief. He explains that outward sin is not the issue: at the heart of all disobedience is pride and unbelief. (Part 1: Introduction; Part 2: A-Understanding Pride and Rebellion, A-7; Intro to Controllers,Intro-4)

Get A Grip - The 1-2-3-4-5 Memory Outline
What do you do when something has happened or someone does or says something that is hurtful and you do not know how to respond in the moment? Randy Murphy of Called to Obedience Ministries shares a simple tool to help you "get a grip" in the middle of the battle. (Part 1: Renewing Your Mind, B-7; Book 2: Dealing With Anger, G-11)

Renewing Your Mind
What we think affects what we do and how we feel. Renewing our mind with God's truth is key to living biblical lives. This tool, from Called To Obedience Ministries, is a short outline that helps us in catching our thoughts and submitting them to Christ. (Part 1: Renewing Your Mind, C-4)
The Focus Factor
God's forgiveness frees us from the condemnation and guilt of our sin. Satan's desire is to keep us focused on our sin. God has provided all that is necessary so we can focus on His forgiveness and not our sin. (Part 1: Confessing Sin, D-13)

God's Predestined Will
God has one predestined will for our lives that includes our sin. This video, by Randy Murphy of CTO Ministries, shares how God's predestined will and His directive will are part of His plan. (Part 1: Who's in Charge, 6-6)
Positional vs Fellowship Relationship
Although our position in Christ is secure forever, our sin can affect the experience of our fellowship with Christ. As a believer, God is no longer our judge, but our Father. As his child when we sin against our Father, we can renew that fellowship through confession and repentance. (Part 1: Forgiving Others, B-6)
Roadblocks To Our Goals: The Self-life vs. The Surrendered-life
When we are attempting to build our own kingdom, we establish goals to accomplish that end. The things that hinder us from accomplishing these goals are always seen as roadblocks. Randy Murphy from shares how our perception of these roadblocks is often a result of unbiblical goals. The key to a new perspective is to live with God's goals. (Part 2: Pursuing Biblical Goals, D-7,8)

The Battle of the Mind
We are in a daily battle that takes place in our mind. What we think affects what we do and how we feel. Thinking rightly about God and His truths is key to biblical behavior and biblical feelings. (Part 1: Renewing You Mind, C-10,11)

Satan's Strategy in Your Life
Satan is out to rob, kill and destroy you! His strategy is quite simple and has not changed since the beginning of the world. Learn what it looks like and how to battle against it. (Accompanies Part 2: C-Standing Firm Against Satan)
Cycle of Self-Worship
When we believe we are the king of our own kingdom, we believe we deserve life on our terms. We pursue idols to meet these demands and we will always be disappointed. See how this cycle continues and leads to either depression or despair. (Part 3: The God of the Gospel-Intro 5,7)
What kingdom are you living for?
We are born "kingdom builders". The question is what kingdom are you trying to build? A better question is "whose kingdom are you living for? Randy Murphy from Called To Obedience Ministries challenges us to live for the right kingdom.
God's Kingdom vs. My Kingdom
The call to follow Christ is the call to a whole new kingdom. Randy shares how we too often are living for our kingdom and expecting that Jesus joins our kingdom to make it work on our terms rather than recognizing that God has placed us in His Kingdom for His glory!