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Turning a Marriage Around - View
Jesse and Kelly (5:50)
Jesse and Kelly courageously share their life's story which includes a past full of drugs, alcohol, and strained relationships until God transformed their marriage and lives through their church, small groups, and the personal discipleship training found in CTO (God's Call To Obedience)
Umar's attempt to control his marriage - View
Umar (8:09)
Umar passionately shares his marriage experience full of trying to be a controller of people until God transformed his marriage through the personal "life-to-life not head-to-head" discipleship training through CTO
Ministry Marriage Struggles - Listen
Randy and Janet Murphy (27:58)
Randy and Janet share that even those in ministry positions have to work at their marriage. It was their marriage struggles that provided the opportunity for them to see God work through the things they learned in CTO. As God turned their marriage around, the stage for them to share these truths and principles with others.
A marriage with no hope turned around - Listen
Gary and Cindy (35:31)
After years of struggles, thousands of dollars spent on counseling and little hope, God turned this marriage around.
Can a marriage survive adultery? - Listen
Larry and Cathi (25:00)
Larry and Cathi share their journey through the adultery that nearly destroyed their marriage and the path to reconciliation.
It doesn't get much messier than this!! - Listen
Rick and Sandi (45:39)
Strip clubs, sexual sin, adultery, break up and reconciliation. This story has God's grace all over it!
I couldn't stand my husband and thought our marriage was over!! - Read
God showed up and changed two hearts and a marriage in the process!

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